COUGAR Panzer Max Review


This month I got to work with one of the global leaders in gaming hardware COUGAR. In the last 10 years COUGAR has progressed from its birthplace in Germany and expanded into the Australian, United States, Korean and many more markets with great success and has no intentions of looking back until they become the “new standard for gaming gear”. I bring you their latest design and masterpiece the Panzer Max.

The Product

The Panzer Max is a full tower gaming chassis which has been designed specifically for the professional and pc enthusiast in mind. The Panzer Max allows the user an immense amount of freedom when designing their new system.  The chassis has a professional looking military design. It doesn’t only look pretty but it provides quality and performance as well.

Front Panel

The front panel of the chassis consists of two USB 2.0 ports and two USB 3.0 ports. The panel also features built in microphone/headphone jacks alongside your power and reset buttons. Another additional feature in this panel is the 3 speed fan controller built into the chassis. The fan controller whilst only basic does provide the necessary ability increase/decrease your PWM fans. As we make our way down the panel, we can see that there is a headphone hook which is optional to mount on either the left or right hand side of the case and they’ve also innovated a completely tool-less design, which means I can take off my front grill panel without any unnecessary hassles.

Rear Panel

The rear of the case features your standard hexagon style case ventilation with mounting points for a 120mm fan or radiator.

Side Panels

The large side panel features a large feature tinted acrylic window with a simple integrated latch and release system. This panel is well designed to show off all the featured inside hardware. On the inside of the case COUGAR has provided a nice black power supply shroud so that you can keep your build nice and clean.

The side panel featured at what we would say is the actual rear of the PC opening features a similar panel with no viewing window to hide your neat or untidy cabling at your heart’s content. One advantage this side panel has is that it perforates outwards of the case, giving you more room for hard drives and cabling if you have a large amount of hardware to install. Inside of this panel they have created a divide which draws air from the front fans and allocates it to the backside of the case to draw airflow over your hard drives. This is something different and I haven’t seen it before.

Top Panel

The top of the case lays home to a few nifty features. The first being two support handles which can withstand the weight of up to 35kgs which means you can safely carry your system around if need be without the awkwardness of trying to grab it from the sides or bottom. This creates much safer travel, as well as making it highly ergonomic on your back.

The top of the case also lays home to an integrated keyboard tray, the cougar keyboards fit nicely on top of the case under the handles, making it another great feature for those on the move.
The top of the case also has a range of radiator and fan support for the users need.

Bottom Panel

The bottom of the case features nothing of real interest. I found that the feet don’t seem to be incredibly sturdy, at least not as sturdy as those handles. They’re mounted with one screw and I think this was a bit of an over sight however, it wouldn’t of hurt to find a better mounting solution. In addition to this the bottom of the case also has cooling support which I will go over in detail in a later section.


The Panzer Max is the ultimate enthusiasts dream, you ask it and they deliver. The chassis features support for 6 motherboard form factors. Has room for up to four double slot 390mm graphics cards and comes with the ability to mount up to two 5.25” ODD units. In the back side of the unit it features mounting support for two 3.5” drives and 4 2.5” drives allowing for plenty of optimal storage.


Cooling Options

The Panzer Max features intuitive design features which allow it to provide what they claim as superior cooling. The case has a tonne of options for both air and water cooling support.

Air Cooling Compatibility

Front 120mm / 240mm / 360mm
140mm / 280mm / 420mm
Top 120mm / 240mm / 360mm
140mm / 280mm
Rear 120mm
Bottom 120mm


Radiator / Watercooling Compatibility

Front 120mm / 240mm / 360mm
140mm / 280mm
Top 120mm / 240mm / 360mm
140mm / 280mm
Rear 120mm
Bottom 120mm



In conclusion, this case has a nice feel. Its incredibly large and versitile. I would definately recommend it to anyone out there who’s looking to intergrate watercooling into their system or someone who is new to watercooling. The case comes packed with plenty of useful features and most importantly space! I will be doing a custom mod inside this case in the coming weeks and will post the updates on how that goes accordingly here. The case overall, as I mention below has some aspects to it that appear cheap. But once you really get into it, you can see the quality and craftmanship behind the case. I would of liked to have seen a little bit more creativity go into the fan controller, maybe even have intergrated a digital one and bumped up the price point a little.

Click here for more information on the Cougar Panzer Max. If you’re looking to purchase this case from Australia you can pick it up for $149.00 at any of the leading retailers listed below.

| Computer Alliance | Umart | Mwave | PC Case Gear |

Pros Cons
Low budget Case Power/Reset/Fan Controller look and feel cheap
high compatibility Rubber grommets for feet
Tool-Less design No manual provided*
Easily moddable
PSU shroud included

* I contacted customer service in regards to whether or not there was supposed to be a manual provided with the case. They were quite helpful and informed me that the case is supposed to provide a manual and in this circumstance they were not sure why in my unit it was missing. However, it was quickly rectified by them sending me an online link to the manual which can be found here.

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