Secretlab TITAN Review

Secretlab TITAN Review

In Greek mythology the Titans were primordial giant gods who ruled the earth. The term Titan also refers to one that has stood out for greatness and achievement and to my suprise this is nothing short of what Singapore company Secretlab has produced. After breaking the Australian market with their Omega model, the company brings you their latest design the Secretlab TITAN.  This chair will change the way you see comfort, especially if you’re a larger user who has had difficulty finding a chair that’s right for you.

In November 2016 I attended PAX Australia. Whilst there, I had the opportunity to try out the Secretlab OMEGA in the Origin booth. I found myself sitting in this chair for nearly an hour and up until now; I thought this was the most comfortable chair I had ever been in (as office chairs were the only real chairs I had experienced). I am a larger guy at around 6ft and 96kgs I have always had a problem finding chairs that provide adequate comfort and support for my back during long hours of sitting. Over the last three weeks I have been testing out the TITAN and I can happily say that I am no longer experiencing pain and discomfort when sitting for long hours at my computer. My first impressions of this chair reflect nothing but satisfaction.


The TITAN is a gaming / workstation chair that has been specifically designed to cater for the larger user. It has been crafted to provide an optimal seating experience for users who range from 175-195cm in height and can safely hold a weight load up to 130kgs. The TITAN has a range of additional features which help to make the users experience as satisfying as possible. The Secretlab TITAN is not your average chair.


Build Materials:

Secretlab has gone to a lot of effort to produce the highest quality product they can. This is evident in the production methods they have chosen. The TITAN features high density cold cure foam. This is a process where a mixture is poured into individual moulds to create one piece. When the foam sets it creates a tough skin around the outside. This foam skin prevents air from escaping when pressure is applied and allows the product to have more resistance to compression. This method is far more reliable and sturdy than the most common cheaper process which is where pieces are hewn out a single, giant block.
The TITAN has been upholstered in Secretlabs 1.5mm thick signature PRIME PU leather. PU leather is incredibly durable, soft, flexible and waterproof. The leather provides easy maintenance for its users as next to no upkeep is required.  Unlike its counterpart real leather, PU leather will not crack, dry or fade if left unattended. If cleaning is required, a damp cloth and a quick wipe down is all that you need to do.

Integrated Lumbar Support:

The TITAN is a chair that has been ergonomically designed so that users who have to stay seated for long hours stay as safe and as comfortable as possible. The TITAN is the first chair in Secretlabs range that features integrated lumbar adjustment support. The inbuilt support removes the need for the traditional lumbar support pillow. These pillows at times, have known to be quite difficult to adjust and just a hassle to in general as they often don’t sit correctly to provide the best support.
The inbuilt support allows for complete personalisation by the user and by far is one of the best features the TITAN offers.


Multi-Functional Tilt Mechanism:

The multi-functional tilt mechanism allows the user to frequently change positions throughout the day when sitting for long durations. The tilt mechanism allows the users to change their position to prevent discomfort whilst still providing maximum support. Having the ability to move around whilst maintaining your seated position is important. Users who have to be seated for long periods of time need to maintain adequate blood flow throughout their body to promote focus and awareness.


Four Directional Armrests:

The TITAN features a cutting edge four directional armrests. They have the ability to be raised and lowered, twist left and right, push away and closer to the chair. This allows the armrests to be almost 100% customisable to the users’ preferences whatever they may be. The arm rests are padded with a generous layer of PU leather which provides another level of comfort and support that you won’t want to move from.
Unlike your general office chairs which feature an armrest which is fixed and often not the correct height for your desk or even your posture. I believe that an armrest is completely useless if not customisable.

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Support and Base:

With all these features it only makes sense to ensure that it has the highest quality base. The TITAN features class 4 hydraulics and a sturdy 70cm diameter aluminium base with XL PU casters. This is both light in weight but strong in design. It comes in a gloss finish, which means fingerprints galore but overall I am really impressed with it.

Pros and Cons:

Pros: Cons:
·         Extremely Comfortable ·         Price (RRP $699.00) + Postage
·         Quality in Design and Craftsmanship ·         Availability (stock always out)
·         Sturdy
·         Great Support
·         Quick Assembly

Sales and Availability:

The TITAN is doing well in the Australian market and sales would indicate that overall it has been a successful design for the company. Over the past 6 weeks I have visited their site daily, only to find that the chair is out of stock and only pre-orders are available. After talking to them directly via email I could see how they were selling out of the stock that was arriving before it even got to the warehouse. The chair is priced at a whopping $699.00 AUD which to some may seem excessive. However, since release they’ve always been around 20% off at $549.00 as an introductory price. After owning this chair for a little over 3 weeks I can honestly say that even at the higher price point money is no object when a product is built to such a high standard as this.


Overall I am extremely satisfied with the TITAN. I think that if you are a larger user and have been trying to find a chair that’s right for you than this is definitely something you should be considering. The chair is extremely comfortable during and after long hours of use. If you’re used to plush chairs you may have reservations when first sitting on this, as I could only describe it as quite a firm chair. But once you’ve taken the time to sit in it for a short period you realise that firm isn’t the best definition, but comfort through support is what you’re feeling. I had a friend of mine come over for a LAN evening and after around 30 minutes in the chair his response was “I would heavily consider murdering you for this chair”. He is 6”5’ so if you have any reservations about height issues, I will put them to rest with that.

Written by: Shane Rayson
Hextech Mods (Founder)

3 thoughts on “Secretlab TITAN Review

  1. This is quite literally the most uncomfortable chair I’ve used. And no one agrees. Firm is understatement. The base cushion is as firm as tank armour.


    • Hmmm, interesting that you think this. How long did you use the chair for at the time you tested it? I have had mine now for nearly 12 months and I absolutely love it, comfortable for hours. I enjoy the firmness, I actually prefer the support it offers over the other chairs I have.


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