T-Force Dark DDR4 3000

Team Group T-Force Dark DDR4-3000 8GB Dual Channel Memory Kit
 Brand  Team Group
 Series  T-Force
 DDR Type  DDR4
 Model  TDGED48G3000HC16CDC01
 Speed  3000 MHz DDR
 Timings   16-18-18-38 @ 1.35V
 Warranty  Lifetime

About Team Group;
Founded in 1997 Team Group has spent the last 20 years developing the highest quality products from its head quarters in Taipei. “Team Group produces its own brand of memory modules, memory cards, USB flash drives, solid state disks, peripheral series, mobiles accessories and industrial applications”.
In the recent years Team Group has had a fine focus on its gaming memory module line “T-Force”. This series of memory modules are designed for high speed and excellent performance.

Today we take a look at the Team Group T-Force Dark DDR4-3000 8GB (2x4gb) gaming modules. This memory features a stylistic design with a cool dark knight feel. The modules immediately make me think of Batman and his immediate weapon of choice. Team Group offers up its DDR4 with a four piece aluminium heat spreader which is a first of its kind.

Initial Impressions;
What everyone here has agreed upon is just how aesthetically pleasing the memory modules looked, whilst not taking away the price to performance. It is great to see a company offering reasonably priced DRAM which offers a stylish approach to the build with optimal speed and performance.

The Product;
The T-Force Dark comes in a basic blister packaging featuring an information sticker detailing the specifications of the ram with a aesthetic backdrop/information card. You can immediately see the dark knight armour style aluminium heat spreaders in space grey. This fits up against a black PCB which matches up with the heat spreaders to create a design which I believe is one of the most stylish combinations I have ever seen.

On the reverse of each stick, there is a sticker which features the modules specifications and timings. This matches the information that was featured on the product packaging. Each stick is 4GB and features only one XMP profile. At the standard XMP 2.0 profile the modules will run at 3000MHz. The modules are designed to run at 16-18-18-30 2T timings with 1.35V (as I have listed previously in the specifications table).

When I fired up my ASRock Z270 Gaming K6 with the T-Force Dark sticks, I noticed immediately that the grey heat sinks looked amazing alongside any colour scheme. I had no issues with booting and it recognised the modules first boot. Once in the bios it was really simple to activate the XMP profile. I double checked the timing values and voltages and reboot with no issues.

Test System
 CPU  Intel Core i7-6700k
 Memory  T-Force Dark 16GB (4x4gb) 3000MHz
 Cooling Reeven Ouranos (RX-1401)
 Motherboard ASRock Z270 Gaming K6
Video Card ASUS Reference GTX 1080Ti 11GB
 Hard Disk Apacer 480GB M.2
 Power Supply Corsair HX1000i
Case Praxis Wetbench
Software (OS) Windows 64-bit

System Performance Results;

Aida 64 Performance;

Screenshot - 4_10_2017 , 10_58_47 PM

Screenshot - 4_10_2017 , 11_00_15 PM